Research, Development, Innovation and Industrialization

PiùServizi Sicilia, Research Organization accredited by the National Research Registry of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, to meet the needs of organizations and companies (including start-ups) in solving even complex problems, proposes activities and / or research, development, innovation and industrialization services.

The Association has in fact, been created to support the innovation and competitiveness of companies and public and research bodies in the development of products and technologies, from the creative phase to the industrialization and marketing phase.

Thanks to the experience gained and the continuous search for cutting-edge solutions, PiùServizi Sicilia shares and offers know-how and high-tech services.

Its mission is to build real partnership relations with the customer, paying maximum attention to their needs. In particular, the Association deals with Researching innovative, functional, and economic solutions, providing its technical support by integrating the knowledge gained over years of project developments with the specific skills of its customers, in a mix that turns into a real ability of innovation.

Through the analysis of the value chain and intangible assets, the most appropriate technological solutions are identified and implemented for the improvement of existing processes and the development of new products, processes, and services.

PiùServizi Sicilia accompanies its customers in the challenges of Industry 4.0, identifying and implementing the most appropriate technologies for their context, assisting them at every stage of the activity: design; research and development; experimentation; industrialization; marketing.

The Association supports the innovation process of each customer or partner by finding suitable solutions to maintain its market position, to enter new markets, to present itself to its customers with an improved offer, to develop new business models.

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Research, Development, Innovation, Industrialization

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