About PiùServizi Sicilia

The PiùServizi Sicilia Association uses a network of employees and professionals with international skills and a deep knowledge of the local area in which they operate.

In PiùServizi Sicilia complementary experiences of project design, project management and technical assistance in various sectors, such as for example: local development, research and development, innovation, industrialization, public welfare policies, socio-health, education and training, culture, cooperation international, internationalization, etc. This allows the Association to also offer training courses and programs for entering the world of work.

PiùServizi Sicilia plans and prepares projects, technical assistance interventions and project management services, monitors funding opportunities in the context of regional, national, and international programs for its customers and / or partners: public and private entities, universities and organizations research organizations, national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations, territorial and economic development agencies, resource centers, commercial organizations, third sector entities, etc.

Furthermore, in the context of a global market, with increasingly complex dynamics, the Association works to facilitate internationalization of processes by providing tools both to promote existing resources and to identify new potential opportunities.

PiùServizi Sicilia has the “ISO 9001: 2015 Certification” and therefore complies with the requirements of the standard for the Quality Management System.