Technical assistance

PiùServizi Sicilia is aimed at companies, institutions, public bodies, research bodies, non-profit associations, third sector bodies, etc. who need support to seize all the opportunities offered nationally and internationally in terms of tenders and funding.

Assistance includes political and interinstitutional coordination, policy analysis and development, development of organizational and functional reviews, examination and evaluation of structural reforms and related adjustments to procedural rules (accreditation packages, integration of gaps, screening).

The Association helps its customers to perceive the importance of national and international funding, understanding its scope, functioning and general structure, providing the tools and information useful for accessing funds.

PiùServizi Sicilia shares the knowledge gained in the field by offering assistance in the search for programs and initiatives aimed at financing innovative ideas in multiple sectors, accompanying its customers or partners in all phases of preparation and management of a loan application, up to, in case of success, operational planning and project management.

PiùServizi Sicilia prepares, coordinates and holds courses on project management, project cycle, logical framework approach, strategic planning and cost-benefit analysis. Tutoring also includes the organization and management of study visits and professional coaching for public officials, with the aim of transferring the appropriate tools and the most effective methodologies for strengthening institutional capacities.

PiùServizi Sicilia acts in compliance with structural and cohesion policies and instruments, developing strategies for regional development, administrative decentralization, economic cohesion, transnational cooperation, and interregional partnerships. In line with the mechanisms and procedures of the National and European Funds.

PiùServizi Sicilia also deals with strategic planning, operational programming, sustainable financing solutions and SWOT analysis. It also supports local development through participatory and shared methodologies: GOPP and EASW.

The Association activates relations with national and international partners functional for participation in projects to be nominated on international, developing strategic frameworks to allow its customers and / or partners a functional planning of their activities on future national and / or international programs.

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